Project Title: „Development of a freestanding, built-in, VR virtual reality projection system permanently connected to six degrees of freedom goggles”.

Grant agreement no.: POIR.01.01.01-00-0785/20-00

Project Synopsis:

The subject of the project is the development of a freestanding, built-in, VR virtual reality projection system permanently connected to goggles, with six degrees of freedom, intended for unmanned operation in public facilities and adapted to be operated by untrained users, including people with specific disabilities. The system will provide, assuming the use of limited space and the elimination of dedicated manual manipulators used in VR systems and special treadmills, mats or other leg movement transfer systems, motion mapping in a larger real space (of the order of even thousands of square meters) without the need to physically move around it and analogously move the goggles (space scaling).

The project has been divided into 5 stages. Industrial research will be carried out in stages 1 and 2, experimental development in stages 3 and 4, and pre-implementation work in stage 5.

Within stage 1, new skills are expected to be acquired in the field of mapping real space into virtual space, so that moving through real space requires a limited, compared to the current state of technology, range of movements and/or signals sent by manipulators. Unique algorithms – software components of the V system will be developed.

As part of stage 2, work is planned to create components of complex systems, i.e., a mechatronic system, which is the hardware platform of the VR system. The work will include building a prototype in a laboratory environment and then conducting internal tests.

The essence of the stage 3 will be acquiring new skills of goggles development and their integration with IT tool so that their use by untrained user will be as easy and provide at least the same functionality as in case of unbuilt goggles and additionally will allow to operate them without moving on the real surface similar to virtual one and without using additional controllers.

The subject of the work of stage 4 will be to conduct an experiment to compare the device to existing ones on the market (goggles + controller) in terms of selected psychological, physiological and ergonomic variables. This work is to solve the research problem, which is the verification of the following research hypotheses.

Pre-implementation work will consist in the implementation of a market analysis, including, among others: assessment of its size, taking into account the budgets of individual institutions and the number of visitors, and assessment of the degree of demand for so-called additional services (in our case, services for the creation of VR content).

Project implementation period: 2021.03.01 – 2023.03.31

The total cost of Project implementation is: PLN 4 868 207.75

European Funds contribution: PLN 3 700 201.31

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Programme. The project is implemented under the competition National Centre for Research and Development: 1/1.1.1/2020 Fast Track 1_2020.