Project Description

VR Simulators

We offer a turnkey, complete solution based on technology from our technology partner, Flint Sim.

Vr simulators are a combination of Virtual reality technology and physical hardware, such as:

  • Motion platforms that accurately reproduce the movement of the object simulation
  • Controllers, joysticks and cotrol panels with buttons
  • Sensors to track user’s hand movements
  • Other electronic components, including those that are custom-made

By combining VR technology with physical equipment, we can recreate the working environment of  any machine or vehicle in a 1:1, realistic way.

Benefits – Why VR Training

  • Massive cost saving when compared to screen-based simulators and over 60% less then traditional training
  • Allow training reactions in various emergency scenarios, like machine failure, which are difficult or dangerous to recreate in real life
  • Performance data collections for analyzing and statistics
  • Increased engagement and concentration on performed tasks due to total immersion and isolation from outside stimulus
  • More robust recording of training by students thanks to multi sensory effects
  • Creating motoring habits by engaging muscle memory